A Disaster Mitigation Framework for Cultural Resources

Posted on: February 2nd, 2015 by Jessica Unger | SHEP

In 2011, the state cultural heritage emergency network COSTEP MA (Coordinated Statewide Emergency Preparedness in Massachusetts) received a three-year Hazard Mitigation grant from FEMA through the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. The goal of the project was to increase public awareness – particularly by cultural stewards, emergency managers, municipal planners, and other town officials – of mitigation actions that could safeguard cultural collections in their municipality. The project encouraged collaboration between the cultural and emergency management communities for the protection of cultural and historic resources. Deliverables included conducting 14 community meetings across the state, offering four Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning workshops, and producing a framework on how others can conduct a similar program at the state, regional, or local level.  The framework – Mitigation for Memory: A Disaster Mitigation Framework for Cultural Resources is available here on COSTEP MA’s website. If you have any questions, contact Gregor Trinkaus-Randall, Preservation Specialist, at the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

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2 Responses

  1. Pat Young says:

    What an excellent resource document for small and large municipal regions to turn to for guidance in developing their own mitigation frameworks! The Delaware Disaster Assistance Team (DDAT) will be posting this resource document to our website and directing cultural heritage organizations and municipalities throughout the state to its wealth of guidance and information.

  2. Lori Foley says:

    Thanks, Pat. The final report of the HMGP Mitigation for Memory grant shares the lessons learned during the three-year project and can help organizations and agencies identify the challenges and steer clear of the obstacles. It too is available on the COSTEP MA website at http://mblc.state.ma.us/costepma/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/COSTEP-MA-Final-Report-December-12-2014-FINAL-Web.pdf.