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Summary of NWPA Alliance for Response Events

Posted on: February 15th, 2017 by Jessica Unger | Northwest PA

Kick-Off Forum – June 16, 2013, Raymond M Blasco, M.D. Memorial Library Auditorium

NWPA Alliance for Response Fall Meeting – November 8, 2013, Erie County Historical Society Watson-Curtze Mansion

NWPA Alliance for Response Spring Meeting – May 13, 2014, Erie County Historical Society Watson-Curtze Mansion

NWPA Alliance for Response Fall Meeting – September 4, 2014, Erie Art Museum

No Meetings in 2015 but some of us attended the CCAHA Hands-On Disaster Workshop held at the Erie Art Museum on June 18, 2015

NWPA Alliance for Response Spring Event – May 20, 2016, Erie Insurance Heritage Center

NWPA Alliance for Response Fall Event – October 25, 2016 Venango Museum of Science and Industry


Events with Synopsis of program:

Kick-off forum – (see http://www.heritageemergency.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Erie-Agenda.pdf)


Fall 2013 – Watson Curtze Mansion
Activities at the meeting will include:


  • Touring our meeting site with preservation professionals and local emergency first responders – a practical Risk/Vulnerability assessment.
  • A brief presentation on “Winterizing Your Building and Collections” with tips on building and collections safety during the winter months.
  • A short business meeting to bring everyone up to date on a new Alliance for Response program to cover all groups in Pennsylvania, as well as new developments for our group in the Erie area.
  • A Disaster Plan Writing and Review Clinic:  Bring your existing plans to be reviewed, and if you do not have one, find out about templates and samples you can easily complete.  Also, hear about free services available year-around to review and help institutions with disaster plan development




Spring 2014 : Watson Curtze Mansion

Activities planned for the meeting include:


  • An update on the new “Pennsylvania Cultural Resilience Network” grant-funded project given by Dyani Fiege of the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA), the organization which is managing the program.
  • A discussion on Implementing Your Disaster Plan – Staff Training, Updating, and Funding your plan, along with other issues about sustaining disaster planning efforts at your institution.
  • A round-robin with updates on disaster planning activities from Northwest PA cultural heritage institutions



Fall 2014: Erie Art Museum

Activities at the meeting will include:

*   Instruction and practice utilizing fire extinguishers, led by Erie Fire Inspector John Widomski
*   A presentation by Gary Sullivan, VP of Property and Subrogation Claims at Erie Insurance, on insurance issues for cultural heritage organizations
*   A short business meeting to bring everyone up to date on the new statewide Alliance for Response program to cover all groups in Pennsylvania, and its introduction in Erie in November


Spring 2016: Erie Insurance Heritage Center

At the Heritage Center, we’ll:

  • Tour the new facility and exhibit spaces
  • Get to know the NW PA Alliance for Response leadership team
  • Learn more about emergency preparedness across the state
  • Meet and network with colleagues from the cultural and emergency management communities




Fall 2016: Venango Museum of Science & Industry

Event agenda will include:
1:00 – 2:00 Archival Material Recovery – Tom Clareson, Senior Consultant for Digital & Preservation Services, LYRASIS
2:10 – 3:30 “What I Learned the Day my Nightmare Came True” Panel Presentation/Discussion – Panelists: Susan Beates, Historian/Curator, Drake Well Museum; Betsy Kellner, Executive Director, Venango Museum of Art, Science and Industry; Vance Lupher, Registrar, Erie Art Museum; Michelle Gray, Managing Director, Warren County Historical Society
3:40 – 4:30 Emergency Response Resources (“Who ya gonna call?”) – Tom Clareson

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Posted on: March 29th, 2016 by Katie Quirin | Northwest PA

The Northwestern Pennsylvania Alliance for Response aims to link the cultural heritage institutions of Erie, Crawford, Beaver, Forrest, Venango and Warren with emergency response organizations and to foster communication and education while preventing and mitigating the loss of cultural and historical collections in the event of a disaster.


To ensure that art and cultural communities of the six counties of Northwestern Pennsylvania are able to prepare for, respond to, recovery from, and prevent emergencies and disasters.


The following goals are benchmarks and aspirations for NWPA AFR over the next year:


Goal 1: Create a permanent and sustainable structure for the Alliance

  • Formalize the structure of NWPA AFR through writing a mission statement, strategic plan, and provisions for the governing structure of the Steering Committee
  • Convene AFR meetings with the Steering Committee members on a regular basis

Goal 2: Recruit members who represent a range of art and cultural organizations, first responders, and emergency management professionals

  • Compile a list of potential organizations to recruit for membership, and identify methods of outreach
  • Hold a Spring Event to introduce the Alliance to the area
  • Distribute a survey to potential members to see what the needs of the community are to create programming that will appeal to them

New social media

Posted on: February 12th, 2016 by Jessica Unger | Northwest PA

Hello Northwest PA AFR! As our chapter expands and plans events, updates will be posted to our new Facebook page. Make sure to follow the page here.


Stay tuned for more information from our December meeting and plans for future meetings.

Erie County Historical Society Hosts Preparedness Activities

Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by Jessica Unger | AFR, Northwest PA

Northwest Pennsylvania Alliance for Response (NWPA AFR) held its inaugural meeting on June 6, 2013, in Erie. Building on the success of that meeting, NWPA AFR scheduled a follow-up event on November 8, 2013. Hosted by the Erie County Historical Society at the Watson-Curtze Mansion, activities included a risk assessment tour of that facility and presentations on “Winterizing Your Historical Building” and “Designing Your Disaster Plan.”

Planning is under way for a May 10 event that will likewise be held at the Watson-Curtze Mansion. The program is scheduled to feature CCAHA’s Dyani Feige, who will discuss the new statewide program, the Pennsylvania Cultural Resilience Network, or PaCRN.

Launch of the NW PA Network

Posted on: October 30th, 2013 by Jessica Unger | AFR, Northwest PA

The Northwest Pennsylvania Alliance for Response held its kickoff forum at the Raymond M. Blasco, M.D. Memorial Library in Erie, PA, on June 6, 2013. Despite flooding rainstorms throughout the afternoon of the meeting, about 35 people attended the session to learn about emergency preparedness and emergency resources in the Erie area.
The event Planning Committee felt that a good mix of institution types attended, including libraries, museums, archives, and arts/cultural/historical agencies. Attendees reported “some gain” in knowledge of the principles of disaster planning and response, available resources for disaster planning and mitigation, and special considerations of cultural institutions during emergencies. They reported “big gains” in knowledge of the structure and protocol of local emergency management, significance of local cultural resources, and cooperating with emergency responders and cultural institutions on disaster projects.
Potential topics for an initial Fall follow-up meeting, tentatively scheduled for November, include: a disaster plan writing and review clinic; touring a cultural heritage site with local emergency management, fire, and police representatives; and “Winterizing Your Building and Collections.”