FEMA Introduces New Data Visualization Tool

Posted on: January 14th, 2015 by Jessica Unger | SHEP

As part of the commitment to increasing the transparency and accessibility of data, FEMA introduced a new interactive tool to allow the public to explore currently available FEMA grant data. The tool, available at www.fema.gov/data-visualization, allows the public to see a visual representation of the agency’s federal grant data as it relates to fire, preparedness, mitigation and public assistance. The tool also visualizes disaster declarations by state, hazard and county. The tool is in BETA because FEMA is seeking comments on how it can be improved, so comments and suggestions are welcome. FEMA will continue to add data and update the visual based on feedback in the coming months. The OpenFEMA data used in the visualization were derived from the publicly available datasets on www.fema.gov and www.data.gov. FEMA is committed to updating these existing datasets in a timely manner and as feasible, to provide new datasets for our external partners to manipulate and use. Click the image below for more information.


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One Response

  1. I’m really hoping they continue work on this. The data sets available are pretty irrelevant (emergency managers have this data – particularly that which is relevant to them). Given the data available in all of emergency management/homeland security and advances in GIS technologies I was hoping for more. I usually hate to be so negative but I was really disappointed in this.