Mission, Vision, and Goals

Posted on: March 29th, 2016 by Katie Quirin | Northwest PA

The Northwestern Pennsylvania Alliance for Response aims to link the cultural heritage institutions of Erie, Crawford, Beaver, Forrest, Venango and Warren with emergency response organizations and to foster communication and education while preventing and mitigating the loss of cultural and historical collections in the event of a disaster.


To ensure that art and cultural communities of the six counties of Northwestern Pennsylvania are able to prepare for, respond to, recovery from, and prevent emergencies and disasters.


The following goals are benchmarks and aspirations for NWPA AFR over the next year:


Goal 1: Create a permanent and sustainable structure for the Alliance

  • Formalize the structure of NWPA AFR through writing a mission statement, strategic plan, and provisions for the governing structure of the Steering Committee
  • Convene AFR meetings with the Steering Committee members on a regular basis

Goal 2: Recruit members who represent a range of art and cultural organizations, first responders, and emergency management professionals

  • Compile a list of potential organizations to recruit for membership, and identify methods of outreach
  • Hold a Spring Event to introduce the Alliance to the area
  • Distribute a survey to potential members to see what the needs of the community are to create programming that will appeal to them